About iAnnounce

At iAnnounce we want people to be able to share their family news with everyone in their community. And we want members of that community to be able to share in the lives of their friends and neighbours - in happy times and in times of sadness and loss.

Whether you’re from Sheffield and now live in Birmingham or were born in Norwich and have relations in Cardiff, iAnnounce is the site to visit to keep in touch with the communities that matter to you.

Now you can search across family announcements from hundreds of UK newspapers and many others from around the world, so you can keep up to date with the communities that matter to you. And, if you’re researching your family history or looking for relatives, have a trawl through the archive.

Looking forward, we hope to let you book your own family news directly into the newspapers and their web sites that serve local communities, and so make it even easier to stay in touch.

At iAnnounce, we love to hear your views. If you have any comments on this site and how you would like to see it develop, please let us know on: [email protected].